President: Northern Bites

For Dr. Stephen Schalk, being the youngest is par for the course. The last of four children, Dr. Stephen Schalk spend his childhood competing with his older siblings. This translated to every aspect of his life. Dr. Schalk gained early entrance into dental school, graduating with a Bachelor of Medical Science and a Doctor of Dental Surgery by 23 years old. When he graduated from dental school, he was younger than the average first year dental student. At 25, Dr. Schalk opened a practice and began his transition to treating primarily Pediatrics, Orthodontics and Surgery. His practice is open seven days a week with five dentists. Doctor Schalk has completed FORCE Orthodontics, PowerProx Braces, and most recently Reingage. At only 27, Dr. Schalk is a board member of the American Academy of Clear Aligners and is the youngest president in Reingage history, leading the Northern Bites. Dr. Schalk eats, sleeps and dreams Invisalign.


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