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  • February 2019
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Invisalign Logo


Align Technology revolutionized the concept of using thermoplastic appliances for tooth movement by combining proprietary virtual modeling software, rapid manufacturing processes and mass customization to produce a series of clear, nearly invisible, removable appliances that gently move teeth to a desired final position. All movement is done in virtual reality and then manufactured from those images.

They offer:

  • Invisalign Full- Unlimited Aligners
  • Invisalign Express 10- Up to 10 Aligners
  • Invisalign Express 5- Up to 5 Aligners
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Developed by dentists, ClearCorrect aligners are manufactured in phases(4 sets of aligners at a time). The impressions are digitized with the sequential steps of aligners created and then output using Objet 3D printing systems from which the clear aligners are then thermoformed to make the aligners. The product also includes these dental models for making replacement aligners and 1 set of retainers at the end of treatment.



Developed by DENTSPLY International, MTM® Clear●Aligner is based on a technique developed by orthodontist Dr. Keith Hilliard that utilizes orthodontic pliers to fabricate clear plastic aligners that move teeth with integrated "force points". This versatile procedure is used by clinicians nationwide as a standalone esthetic treatment, for mid-course correction or refinement of orthodontic cases, and in preparation for other cosmetic or therapeutic procedures.

CE InmanAligner

The Inman Aligner is a removable appliance that is used to treat the anterior six teeth only. It is worn for 16-20 hours a day. The Inman Aligner is built on a digitally set up model for ultimate accuracy. By reducing cost, wear time and treatment time, it opens the door to many patients who just rule out conventional orthodontics.

  • Treats mild-moderate anterior crowding in only 6-16 weeks
  • Comfortable and kind to teeth - it uses gentle steady and consistent forces for faster movement
  • One removable appliance for the whole treatment with no metal brackets

For use as a stand-alone treatment or before cosmetic treatments. The Inman Aligner treats cases typically in 6-16 weeks. What's more, when further cosmetic treatments such as veneers are still required, it can be truly conservative.

Red, White & Blue



Red, White & Blue is a system consists of One, Two or Three invisible active appliances for very basic movement. Models are sent to lab where the teeth are manually repositioned and 3 clear aligner trays are fabricated

Simpli5 Logo


Simpli5 has up to five sequential trays for minor anterior changes. Each tray generates up to 1/2mm of movement, or 5mm overall for a dual arch case. Models are sent to lab where the teeth are manually repositioned and 5 clear aligner trays are fabricated.

Insignia Clearguide Logo



The Insignia Clearguide aligner system combines the technology of Ormco’s Insignia Advanced Smile Design™ software and AOA aligner engineering expertise. In it, technician uses 3-D technology software to program the tooth movement in virtual reality. Up to 10 aligners per arch are sent at a time and progress tracking made through heat- bite stick. Clearguide allows the doctor to make the appropriate changes in the approver software



Used to correct Class I minor to moderate anterior crowding or spacing, the Originator makes up to 5 aligners at a time from a dental model where the teeth are repositioned with wax to correct positions. The movement is achieved incrementally through a series of clear aligner trays.



Clear Image®Aligners - This unique aligner system utilizes measurable movement of the anterior teeth. The teeth can be moved up to .5 mm per aligner which helps reduce the number of aligners needed. Up to 5 aligners are made from an impression or intra-oral scan. Clear Image® Aligners are utilized for anterior alignment and to correct minor anterior relapse.

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