Dr. Faline Davenport

President: Motor City Movers

My career decision to become a dentist occurred at an early age. I grew up around dentistry, having an Aunt who is an orthodontist. Her name is Dr. Carlyn Phucas (she is amazing) and she was my inspiration for choosing dentistry as my profession! When I spent time with her at her office I loved every minute….and I was hooked. Upon graduating from high school, I attended George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. I played three years of Division I volleyball there and also was a member of the George Mason Women’s Crew team! These were some of the best years! I followed in my Aunt’s footsteps and received my dental degree from her alma mater, Virginia Commonwealth University, 18 years after she graduated. I graduated as the Class of 2003. I joined Gainesville Dental Associates as the fourth doctor of the group in the Fall of 2003. Very few of my friends made permanent homes out of their first associate position. I got lucky and did. I became a partner at Gainesville Dental Associates in 2007. We now have 9 doctors at that location and two additional locations. There is never a dull day in our world. We are always changing! Our team that is with us….I can honestly say….is one of THE BEST. They are rockstars and make coming to work fun! As I practiced….I found my interest to be in Invisalign and cosmetic dentistry the most. When I looked at my schedule for the day…I was most excited when I would see those two procedures on my schedule. I try to attend most AACD meetings and most Invisalign Summits. I have four amazing Invisalign/assistant team members: Lauren, Teresa, Candace and Tracey who are my partners in giving my patients the best we can each day. They have been along for the ride and it has been fun! If I had to do it all over again……..I wouldn’t change a thing. And looking ahead I am optimistic about what the future holds!! 14 years down…… not sure how many more to go but hoping it’s a lot. I am having too much fun to stop now.