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Dr Perry E. Jones Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Please read my article in the AACA Journal fall issue 2015 on unwanted posterior openbite.
Unwanted posterior openbite:
1. Clear aligner thickness (Usually molar area)
2. Reciprocal effect of aligner when executing anterior intrusion to improve vertical appearance of deepbite/overbite or improve Curve of Spee. (Usually molar area)
3. In cases with tight anterior coupling, deepbite where insufficient IPR was either not performed or not treatment planned, posterior openbite may appear in (Usually bicuspid area).
4. Relative intrusion effect of posterior teeth undergoing expansion, which is crown tipping. (Usually bicuspid area)

1. For above #1 and #2 allow posterior teeth to super-erupt while using one of many different methods to help prevent derotation. Ex: Cut aligner to allow posterior teeth to settle and have patient wear modified aligner as during normal Tx.
2. For #3, #4 above. Reset the case and add the missing feature of IPR or space redistribution. Same for relative extrusion. Passive eruption will not solve problem 3,4.
Please read my article in the AACA Journal Fall 2015 in archived Journals.

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