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  • August 2018
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Spring 2018


pdf Case Report: Orthodontic Induced Bone Generation: Good to the Bone by Richard Schmidt, BSc, DDS

The alveolar bone that supports teeth is root dependent. When a tooth is lost, the supporting alveolar bone resorbs, creating a bony defect. Prior to implant dentistry, clinicians paid little attention to the implications of this bone loss; rather, it was considered a normal sequence of events associated with tooth loss.

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pdf Case Report: Using Propel and Elastics on a Severely Rotated Canine by Steven Glassman, DDS; co-authored by Vali Gasimov, BA

We are often presented with a malocclusion case in which the final treatment plan will vary according to the patient’s chief complaint, the time available to achieve the treatment goals, and the length of the different treatment options. Oftentimes the treating dentist can “preventify” (a term the author has coined) and eliminate difficult or unrealistic results from the treatment goals. The typical movements that we can thus eliminate from the treatment goals include anterior-posterior (A-P) changes in an adult when the patient is only looking for an esthetic solution; second-molar crossbites; and lower bicuspid rotations of over 50 degrees.

pdf Feature Article: My Journey From PVS Impressions to iTero Scanning by Geetha J. Damodaran, DDS

Last year I wrote an article about PVS impression techniques for Clear Aligner Therapy such as Invisalign (AACA Journal, Fall 2017). Impressioning is still an effective option, but I wanted to share with you my journey into purchasing an iTero scanner for Clear Aligner orthodontic records. One of the reasons for my hesitancy in purchasing a scanner was its relative high cost. Would the scanner pay for itself? Would it be profitable?

pdf Compliance Corner: Keeping Compliance in the Picture by Michelle DeBarge and Jody Erdfarb

Before-and-after pictures are the cornerstone of our marketing strategy. We always take pictures of our patients before using Clear Aligner Therapy and after the course of therapy is complete—and we use those photos in a variety of ways to market our practice. We post them on a bulletin board in our office, we use them on our website, and we post them on Instagram. We want everyone to see our patients’ wonderful results! Unfortunately, a patient recently complained about the use of her photos in an Instagram post and threatened us with legal action. She looks gorgeous! What’s the problem? Could I actually get into trouble for posting these pictures?

pdf Financial Management: How Does the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) Affect You and Your Practice? by Allen M. Schiff, CPA, CFE

On December 22, 2017, Congress passed new tax legislation, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). This new tax bill will impact you in 2018 and beyond, through 2025. This article will address individual as well as business tax provisions.

pdf Product Review: AcceleDent by Patti Panucci, DMD, MS

As an Invisalign VIP Platinum provider, I treat a high volume of clear aligner cases at my Manhattan Beach, California, practice. Patients come to me because I’ve become known as the ortho-dontist who uses technology, such as AcceleDent®, to offer fast, comfortable, and quality orthodontic treatment. AcceleDent enables me to deliver a better orthodontic experience to pa-tients while also achieving improved predictability and better aligner tracking.

pdf Gallerite Reunion Lecture Series

Llectures and speakers for the upcoming 2018 Gallerite Reingage Reunion.

pdf Viewpoint: Dentistry in a New Era by Richard Schmidt, BSc, DDS

Let me introduce myself. I have been a general dentist for 30 years. During this time, I have seen the spectrum of the public’s dental needs change. Consider comprehensive exam on a 25-year-old patient. The exam will commonly reveal an individual with minimal or no previous restorative treatment and a healthy, complete dentition. If one is living near an urban center, on average, these findings are quite consistent.

The world of dentistry, and the demands of dental treatment, have changed and are continuing to change. General dentists have had to expand their knowledge base and skills to meet the evolving dental needs of the patient base.

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