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  • April 2018
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Winter 2018


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pdf Case Report: A Simple, Open-and-Shut Case, by Perry E. Jones, DDS, MAGD, IADFE

We treated this case some 10 years ago using Invisalign as the stand-alone force system. Although we are rapidly moving into the world of digital scanning, the majority of Invisalign providers are still using conventional PVS impressions, as we did in this case.

pdf Practice Management: What Do Patients Want From Their Dentist? by Jim Du Molin

I’ve run this survey over and over again, and it always comes up with pretty much the same things.

pdf Financial Management: The Basics of Retirement Planning, by Ralph Adorno

Year after year, having enough money for retirement consistently comes up as number one among Americans’ long-term financial concerns.

pdf Feature Article: Pre-restorative Orthodontics - Restorative Challenge #2: Orthodontic Treatment Involving the Vertical Dimension of Occlusion, by Richard Schmidt, BSc, DDS

For simplicity, the abbreviation VDO will be used here to denote vertical dimension of occlusion. There are many different opinions regarding VDO. The confusion stems from the differing views regarding how to treatment-plan a new VDO, whether it can be modified, and what complications the modification may engender.

pdf Viewpoint: It Is What It Is. Being Honest With Your Patients Can Propel Your Career as Well as Their Oral Health, by Christopher Hart, DDS

The answer was there in front of us. We stared, squinted, and turned our heads as if somehow the image would magically mutate into what we wanted. But nothing changed.

pdf Social Media & Technology: Getting the Word Out: 4 Simple Ways to Promote Your Practice Website, by Melody Gandy-Bohr

Exposure is everything, especially where your practice is concerned. It can be difficult to stand out with the increasing number of competitors in your area, so an effective online marketing strategy is vital. Your practice website can go a long way toward bringing new patients through your door, but they have to find your site first. Read on for 4 easy ways to promote your practice website, increase online traffic and earn new patients.

pdf Reingage News: Reingage Chapter Highlights

We welcome all the Reingage Family and doctors into the American Academy of Clear Aligners. We hope to unite in our quest for knowledge about the best, most predictable and effective ways to treat the patients who entrust their care to us. We will never stop learning and never stop improving. I am proud to have led both groups for the past few years, and now, to have brought them together. —Dr. David Galler

pdf An Invitation, by John P. Bunkers

My name is John P. Bunkers, and I was recently asked to become Vice President of the American Academy of Clear Aligners.