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  • October 2018
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Summer 2018


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pdf Case Reports: The Missing Tooth That Wasn’t Missing by Jeremy Kurtz, DDS

A 26-year-old woman came to visit our office seeking Invisalign treatment. She had what she called a “missing tooth,” because in every photo she took, tooth #7 appeared to be missing...

pdf Case Reports: Improving Predictability With Clear Aligners and AcceleDent by David S. Ostreicher, DDS, MS, MPH

Advances in technology and materials have encouraged clinicians to expand the types of cases they are willing to treat with clear aligners. Yet some tooth movements with Clear Aligner Therapy still remain unpredictable, which prevents clinicians from achieving their desired results. Unlike cases where the result relies primarily on tipping teeth, which is fairly predictable, cases that require the expression of more difficult tooth movements (such as intrusions, extrusions, rotations, and root torque) tend to be far more challenging for clinicians to address with aligners than with braces.

pdf Product Review: VPro5—In My Hand by Steven Davidowitz, DDS, FICOI

VPro5 is a noninvasive adjunctive orthodontic device manufactured in the US by Propel Orthodontics. VPro5 is marketed as an adjunctive clear aligner tool to aid in proper aligner seating. As we know, a properly seated and well-fitting aligner will both track better and produce quicker orthodontic results.

pdf Practice Management: When to Raise Your Fees by Jim Du Molin

I’d like to tell you a little story about a dentist I know.

A few years back, I helped Dr. M with a direct-mail campaign that turned out to be outrageously successful. He was overwhelmed with the response, to the point that he had to bring on an associate.

Dr. M called me and said, “Jim, we’ve got bookings a month into the future, and we’ve got more patients beating down the door. What am I going to do?”

pdf Practice Management: How to Generate Higher Case Acceptance forClear Aligner Orthodontic Patients by Shalin Patel, DMD

As Clear Aligner Therapy (CAT) increasingly enters the mainstream in dental care, it is important for dentists to know how and to whom to propose the use of this treatment, so as to increase the likelihood of case acceptance. When I ask practitioners about their case acceptance, one of the most frequent responses I get back is that they keep getting told “no” and become discouraged.

pdf Pension Planning: The Perilous State of Pension Plans by Ralph Adorno

If you’re among the minority of American workers who are still covered by a pension plan, take note: state and private pensions across the country are under financial stress and may not be able to pay out promised benefits in full.

pdf Information Technology: The 10 Most Common Rants Against the Cloud by Andy Jensen

If you feel that moving your practice to the cloud makes a lot of sense, you’re not alone. A great number of dentists have moved their practices to the cloud in 2017, with another multitude expected to make the move in 2018. Of course, there are still detractors who would rather focus on the fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) of using something new.

pdf The Lighter Side: Shake Down by Jeffrey M. Galler, DDS

It all started with a chocolate thick shake from Carvel… It’s not my fault that we pass the ice cream store on the way home from our dental office. My wife, who besides being my office manager is also my best friend and harshest critic, said, “Will stopping for a thick shake help you fit into your black suit?”

pdf Gallerite Reunion: The Revolution Has Begun by Jack Von Bulow, DDS

So, I’ve never been part of a revolution…until now.

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