The Journal accepts original articles of up to 2500 words which support the mission of the AACA to share, promote and advance knowledge and expertise for enhancing cosmetic outcomes through modern orthodontic techniques; to support, encourage and facilitate the dissemination of such knowledge and expertise among its membership; to assist members who dedicate themselves to excellence in these techniques; and to provide recognition for members who offer this treatment modality to patients.

Currently we are particularly looking for articles focuse on providing treatment with less stress, greater productivity, and greater profitability.

Peer Review

All articles citing clinical reports, case reports, techniques, clinically applicable research and article/book reviews are peer reviewed by the AACA Editorial Board.

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Style and Specs

With your article of up to 2500 words, please submit

  • A 50-100 word abstract

  • Any accompanying photographs, illustrations, tables, and/or references

  • A title page with principal author's name, mailing address, e-mail address and daytime telephone number

  • Print or jpeg photograph and approximately 100-word bio of the principal author

Follow either MLA or APA style guidelines in MS Word documents with 12-point Times New Roman font, single spaced, block style, with double spacing separating paragraphs.

Please clearly label all illustrations, photographs and/or graphs in their original form. All original material will be returned to you. (You are responsible for obtaining consent from any patient who is identifiable in the article.)


  • Images should have an effective resolution of 300 dpi at reproduction size. 72 dpi images, or ­images downloaded from a website are unacceptable for printing. ­

  • TIFF, PSD, and EPS format files are preferable to JPG.

  • CMYK or grayscale files are acceptable. RGB, Lab or Index color files are unacceptable. Do not embed an ICC color profile.

  • Use or scale your images as close to the actual reproduction size as possible; a 20% margin plus or minus is optimal. Please avoid sending unnecessarily large high-resolution images.


The AACA owns the copyright for all material published in The Journal. Material may only be subsequently reprinted elsewhere with permission of the Academy.


The Journal will notify you within 30 days of receipt whether your article is accepted, accepted with minor revisions, accepted with major revisions, or rejected. You will receive a final edited version for review and approval, and be notified of publication dates.

Enhanced Information

To supplement your print and digital article, The Journal accepts submissions of enhanced information in the form of short videos, additional photos and illustrations, PowerPoint slides and vocal narratives housed online and accessible through QR codes for smart phone use.

For Additional Information

Please contact our Journal Editor at