Dr. Nathan Oakes

Dr. Nathan Oakes is a native of Portland, Maine, and, in local dialect, is described as “wicked good.”

After graduating from the University of Maine in 2008, he briefly left his favorite state in order to pursue his life-long dream of becoming a dentist.  While attending Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Oakes made many new friends, and the University had a major impact on his path to becoming a doctor. 

In 2013, with his DMD degree in hand, Dr. Oakes returned to Portland, Maine and began honing his skills in order to help patients get optimum care. Currently, Dr. Oakes and his wife, Dr. Laura Oakes, own and run three highly active Aspen Dental offices in the Southern Maine area.

With the birth of their son, Landon, in 2019, they are new to learning how to balance work, life, and family.

The Oakes were awarded with the Aspen Walk-The-Talk award, reflecting  their dedication and leadership in fostering and inspiring a positive culture of pride and commitment to education in their offices.

When Dr. Oakes is not working, he is playing golf, snowboarding, or discovering culturally acceptable ways of acting like a child in public by living vicariously through his son’s new experiences.

Dr. Oakes’ journey started with the Gallerite’s in 2018 and he is excited to learn, grow, and continue to Reingage with all the members of the AACA.